Promotions Strategy; How To Promote Your Business in 2021

Get to know the consumer’s perspective of or AP is essentially a one-stop-shop to buy more and pay less, anywhere in Asia! Shoppers can shop smarter and get themselves lots of real opportunities like free product samples, all the latest discounts, deals, coupon codes and promotions.

They benefit from direct brand updates every second. AP is every shopper’s dream come true. We work hard at AP so that the shoppers can save money. They generally sign up for the AP newsletter to get all the latest promotions in their inbox. And guess what? It has NO cost. We are making these shopper subscriptions completely free!

This is the beauty of AP that shoppers love. AP is the platform which brings everything that’s on promotion at your current or future location, at no cost, to shoppers so they stretch the dollars in their pockets!

Are you interested to know the backstory about how we make it work for you? Keep on reading while shoppers keep on saving!

Basically, sometimes stores will run promotions. We plot their store locations. We give them a platform to advertise the details of the promotion. As a result of that, shoppers can search up promotions anywhere based on their location!

They get the AP service for free so they subscribe. They can have all the latest promotional information on their home screens and check-in before they buy anything so they head to the stores running promotions at that time.

AP for Businesses – Advertise Today!

AP displays your awesome promotions in one place for both local and international audiences. This helps your promotion reach a higher viewership altogether. But first, what are promotions and how can you promote your business successfully in 2021?

The world is different as we know it, and because of COVID-19, promotions are increasingly taking place online rather than in other places like billboards and malls. How do you make use of this worldwide internet surge in online advertisement traffic? What are the major challenges you will face? How can you strategize it in a way that yields successful sales for your business?

Fret not, is here to help you out. With AP’s amplification of your promotions, coupons and deals, consumers who already shop smarter than before the internet age will buy more and pay less in your store! For the brands your operate, you reap all the benefits of being more prominent.

We have actually built a marketing mechanism that drives 500 unique visitors to your app and website promotions on AP every day. That's 15, 000 new people you can reach out to every month, for the next 12 months, all for less than SGD7 per store, per day! How do we show our promotions? It’s all Location-Based. The best time to drive footfall is when consumers and buyers are already nearby your store. I, Professor Owl, will tell you all about this in detail. But first, let’s talk about promotions and its’ various types typically used by businesses.

Introducing Business Promotions

A Promotion is a specific sort of communication that attempts to influence people and get them to buy products or services with incentives. A variety of different attractive strategies are typically used. As your business runs promotions, your brand equity grows, along with your affinity in the hearts of customers.

Through promotional activity, you can also promote across the products and services your brand offers. Often, everyone is so busy and don’t notice all the variety of items your store sells. Your customers can be introduced to new products and offers your brand has which they never knew, when browsing promotions in the comfort of their home or during commute.

When launching a promotion, analyze and deduce a target audience segment and then find effective ways to bring your message out to them so they may be willing to buy your products and services. This is a way your business can enhance the perception of your products and give them a new form that increases visibility to influence potential buyers.

There are a lot of ways and types of promotions that a business may choose to work on. This is also called the promotional mix. It consists of:

  • Advertising
  • Selling or Personal Selling
  • Direct Marketing
  • Sales Promotions
  • Public Relations

So, you may consider a poster advertisement at a subway station as a form of promotion but, you may also call a sale that is discounted for product pricing to be a form of promotion as well. So, all in all, you can leverage the platform to run your promotions and advertise the details for them. AP does have a few terms to advertise.

After you launch your promotions and they are all running smoothly, consumers will be able to check out the nearest promotions to them and will be more likely to buy your products and services. They will type their location and search up offers under the categories of kids, departmental stores, wellness, sports, fashion, books and stationery, home and living, activities, grocery, banks and credit cards and warehouse sales.

Strategizing promotions for success

There are some really exciting ways you can start thinking about promotions. If you want to know more about the top ten promotional strategies that are guaranteed to work, check out my guide *here.* It will get you to think about your promotional needs before you can publish them on AP.

How to promote your business in 2021 using AP?


There are really smart ways that store’s run promotions these days. The smartest option is to enable promotions to be viewed by shoppers through a location-based approach. I strongly believe that the best time to drive footfall into your store as opposed to your competition is when customers are already near your store. It makes them more prone to see a deal nearby and head in to grab it. You can sign up here!

Here’s how we will accept your promotions on our website. There are some specific guidelines to follow so you can make the best use of AP which is carefully curated for the success of both your business and our promotion platform that will amplify the deals, promotions and coupons you publish.

The subscription with (AP) costs SGD 2,500. When you purchase, the amount will be reflected in your own currency, using PayPal’s currency converter at the point of transaction. But guess what? We take zero in commission from every sale you make! We only charge PayPal administration and transaction fees. It’s usually only 5.5%. AP is the best promotions amplification platform there is!

All other platforms which help businesses communicate promotions to consumers charge a lot more for the advertisement OR they take a % of the sales away from your business when you advertise. AP doesn’t want promotion amplification to cost you more than necessary, neither do we want to arm-twist you into extending discounts more than your business can afford. We have a Social First policy so we place ceilings on our subscription fees, tied to multiple fair-business factors.

There is no limit on the number of promotions published too! We just ask for some terms and conditions to be followed, some of which I will display here:

  1. Have an informational display of promotion.
  2. No clickbait is allowed.
  3. No business can say up to, for example, 70% off storewide. Customers later find out the product they need is in fact not 70% off.
  4. Individual Item promotions allowed only.

So, what type of advertisements can you publish on AP? Here is a great guide that displays this information well. I explain it here as well for your perusal:

  1. Promotions: If you are running promotions for one of your products and services, publish all its information through a promotion so we can display it to all consumers nearby so they can go and buy it from your store. You can also publish free giveaways which your customers receive when purchasing an item at full price.
  2. Discount Vouchers: If you know how to enable consumer loyalty, you will know the importance of discount vouchers. Your customers will be committed to spend in your store in exchange for the discounts. This will drive customers only to you and not any of your competitions around your store. A great way to edge out the competition nearby.
  3. Coupons: You can publish coupons on AP today. Customers can find and redeem your coupons by showing your staff in the stores the coupon on their phones. Customers can also quote the coupons while in your store to benefit from a discount. AP also allows you to publish a coupon your customers need to print and redeem. Coupons are a great incentive to get customers to buy from you.
  4. Coupon Codes: It’s almost like offering a free gift. Coupon codes can be configured to use in your online store’s cart. It can be anything like, free shipping, a discount, for new customers or anything that your business wants to use as an incentive.
  5. Overstock Deal: At times, your business may have too much inventory and need to clear stock, possibly at discounted rates to have space. If you are in need of this advertisement type, do it. Run an overstock deal and watch your inventory go by quickly. No stress here on additional commissions to be paid. AP takes 0% commission!
  6. Limited Time Deal: Sometimes, to hype exclusive items, products or services, you can run a limited time deal. It is exciting for customers, have them keep an eye on the clock, and then watch all your inventory go because customers want to get their hands on the limited stock before it runs out.
  7. Group Buying Deal: You can also sell wholesale! You can set up a minimum purchase number and have customers buy products or services in groups. It can be redeemed via AP and we will send the money to you upon successful redemption.

How exciting! So many options where you can successfully advertise products and services. What’s more, you benefit from an added bonus where the AP technology helps you reach customers in close proximity.

Are you interested in using Check out the list of benefits it can reap for your brand. Subscribe today and grow sales with more footfall into your stores through AP.

I am ready to help with any information or guide you need to get ahead and plan your promotions well. Our vision is to become the default location people go to before they decide to spend money; whether it is online or offline. AP hopes to empower you to charge your marketing campaigns through our platform’s subscription service and reap all the benefits we have built into the AP platform’s tech!

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