What makes Asian-Promotions.com special?

Get to know Asian-Promotions.com from A Shopper’s Perspective

Asian-Promotions.com or AP is essentially a one-stop shop to buy more and pay less, anywhere in Asia! Shoppers can shop smarter and get themselves lots of really exciting deal opportunities like, free product samples, all the latest discounts, deals, Vouchers, coupon codes and promotions.

Shoppers benefit from direct brand updates every second! AP is every shopper’s dream come true. We work hard at AP so that you shoppers can save money. You should sign up for the AP newsletter to get all the latest promotions in your inbox and follow us on IG. And guess what? It has NO cost. We are making these shopper subscriptions completely free!

This is the beauty of AP that shoppers love. AP is THE platform which brings everything that’s on promotion at your current or future location, at no cost, to shoppers so you stretch the dollars in your pockets!

I know, you might be wondering, what is so great about AP’s promotions section as compared to other promotional websites? How does AP do things differently? Here are some questions asked by our consumers, so read on to find what Professor Owl has to say about all of them. You will get to know exactly what shopping through AP can mean for you!

Question 1: All the promotion sites have old information and it’s just a waste of my time. How is AP any different?

Some promotion sites have older information that never gets removed, and there may be different reasons for that. Having old information taking space on a promotion website does not make sense, because promotions are always renewing and they have to end someday. AP has always known to be timely with updates, almost always in real-time. As soon as a promotions period is over, we chop ‘EXPIRED’ across the promotion so if you want something current, you don’t waste time. We want to make sure that when you go through the AP, all you have is new information and top promotions running in your area.

We also do something else. When we are putting up promotions, we give the account directly to the advertiser so that the content is always accurate and updated from their end. There is no way that your time will ever be wasted because we do everything at the back end to make sure that does not happen. AP is different because the entire objective for it is about a relationship of care and trust with our loyal shoppers, you!

That’s why I want you to enjoy purchasing through identifying the best deal at AP and I want you to make the best out of it.

Question 2: Promotion sites only have 5% or 10% discounts on the products advertised. It’s not worth my time. Why should I look through AP?


Since most promotion sites don’t put in a lot of effort in updating the site or pushing for better promotions, they have low promotion discounts. This does not happen at AP, however. Take a look at our website yourself, we have promotions and discounts up to 40% off and 50% off. There hasn’t been any promotion site with such amazing discounts being offered. AP makes sure to give you a unique experience, making your shopping dreams come true.


So, you must always check on AP for any promotions whatsoever, to see all the updated valid running discounts if you want to save your time and your money.

Question 3: Why should I go to AP to find promotions?


That’s a great question. Why is AP any different? Why should you search up our promotion site? One of the topmost reasons why AP is the perfect answer for you is because AP runs on a completely new set of rules, all of them aimed at bringing out the best options available to the customers.


AP has group buying available too where you can collectively discuss promotions at different times to make the best use of your money. Moreover, when any promotions are about to expire, people can make purchases before promotions end and it is too late. We have a community of people helping each other out with promotions! What could be more varied and helpful as compared to AP?

Question 4: How do I save money with AP?


Asian-Promotions.com is built for only one goal: We aim to help you save money!


There are various ways you can start saving here. AP allows you to buy from places where discounts are valid, even grocery stores. Most promotion sites don’t even accept vouchers or coupons - but AP welcomes all possible ways of promotions that businesses introduce to us which we promote towards you.


Moreover, if you are travelling, you can search up in advance where you can shop to save money along the way because our entire model runs on locations. This means AP is helping you save money wherever you go, with only the best offers at your convenience!

Question 5: What is so great about AP’s promotions section as compared to other promotion websites?


Such an important question! AP has a lot of brilliant things that are going very well for it. Let’s unpack some of them here!


  1. Our website allows for low-cost advertisements to promote.
  2. All promotions that we approve and share are promotions that consumers can benefit from. We think of you first!
  3. There’s no pressure for the advertisers and businesses. This means, all our promotions are genuine and presented only so you can take advantage out of them. We don’t like to put unnecessary pressure or exert a lot of rules for businesses. This makes them free to advertise and promote, often giving you the best promotions available.
  4. We have 4000 promotions live already heavily and successfully promoted on our website. And guess what? We already have 30,000 more of them in the queue, going live very soon!
  5. AP is the best database in Asia to look at before you end up making any purchases. It is always a good idea to take a good look at AP’s promotions because there is a big chance that you will end up saving lots of money!