CAMERA AND PHOTO   Cameras, especially digital cameras, have become the rage in recent times. Most of the photography enthusiasts have armed themselves with DSLR camera recently from brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, GoPro cameras and are travelling to picturesque locations to capture stunning moments and convert them into photographic images.   Although point and shoot cameras from Kodak and Sony are the still the preferred version of many expert photographers, digital cameras are the ones that have expanded the possibilities of experimenting with different styles of photography and help amateurs to click good pictures. Camera bags, tripods and lenses are significant accessories that photographers need to carry with them always.   In this time and age when social media is a major platform for visibility, the need for good-quality pictures has multiplied sevenfold. A picture taken on a smartphone may be good, but it’s not the same as one taken with a good-quality camera. Smart ones give you plenty of options to play around with lighting, effect, and distance so you have full control of your shots. Start with a basic point-and-shoot camera if you’re a beginner and you can move on to more intense DSLR ones as you get more confident in your photography skills.   Shop Smartly and Conveniently   One of the greatest things about shopping online is that you can check out the latest cameras and compare different models while you’re at home in your pyjamas, sipping on chilled drinks and binge eating comfort food. Online shopping on will pamper you with enticing discounts on the best-selling cameras from Nikon, Canon, Manfrotto, Sony, Envie, and Sigma regardless of whether it’s sale season or not.   Pout, pose and click! Don’t you just love cameras? Imagine a world without selfies, no profile pictures, no photography exhibitions and nothing to capture the breath-taking sunset. Basically, imagine a world without cameras. Difficult, right? It doesn’t matter if you are not trained as a photographer, you can still take good pictures provided you have the right camera. And if you are a professional, then there is no better way to improve your skills other than upgrade what you already own. So, knowing a thing or two about the different types of cameras is a must. Give this article a quick read, and make a wise buying decision.   What are the Different Types of Cameras?
  1. Instant Cameras
  2. Point and shoot cameras
  3. DSLR Cameras
  4. Action Cameras
  5. Mirror less
  6. Camcorder
  7. Sports and Action Cameras
  Top 8 Best Cameras  
  1. Canon 1300D
  2. Canon 1500D
  3. Canon 3000D
  4. Nikon D3400
  5. Nikon D5300
  6. Gopro Hero Sports & Action Camera
  7. Canon Point & shoot cameras
  8. Procus and Noise Play action camera
  Camera accessories also play an important role in clicking the best pictures. There are various types of camera accessories that one can find online such as:
  • Binocular
  • Camera Remote Control
  • Camera Battery
  • Memory Card
  • Tripod
  • Flash
  • Camera Lens
  *What are the factors one must look at while buying a camera?   Most of us only look at the resolution/ the pixel count while buying a camera. Although this is an important feature, there are various other aspects that you need to consider. Some of these are the pixel size, sensor size, focal length, aperture size among others. Each of these determines the clarity of the photo by controlling light.   KEYWORDS: Buy camera online Buy DSLR online Buy camera lens online Buy camera memory card online