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Baby care

1-Bath & Shower Product

Cleansers, shampoos, and moisturizers made for babies are a lot milder than the customary products. It is good to choose mild products, fragrance-free soaps, and lotions that will keep your infant’s skin soft, healthy, and free from any infection.

2- Dental Care

Haven’t our parents advocated the importance of brushing our teeth day and night as kids? Oral hygiene cannot be ignored, especially for infants and toddlers. Research studies have proven that kids between the ages of two to eleven have high chances of incurring dental issues. Hence, it is all the more important that baby oral care is taken care of them on a priority basis. Brushing your little one’s teeth can prove to be a daunting task. Some of the best products for baby oral care include Oral-B, Johnson’s, MeeMee, Starbust, Chicco, Mamaearth and many more. You can look for your required baby oral care products online and take care of all your needs.

3- Thermometers

Once a baby arrives into the world, the little tyke goes through a change in the environment which leads to the increase and decrease of his or her body temperature. Unlike adults, newly born babies have a sensitive body which takes months and sometimes even years to properly adapt to our surroundings. Hence, it is natural for parents to jump up the wagon and get panicked every time there’s a drop in his body temperature. Unless you have the basic home medical equipment like a baby thermometer. Having one at your disposal is essential as it helps you determine if your infant has a fever that needs the attention of a doctor, or can be treated at home with extra care. Types of infant thermometer you can buy online:
  • Rectal
  • Temporal Artery
  • Axillary (Armpit) and Oral
  • Ear Canal
  • Pacifiers

4- Hair Care

One of the cutest things that you can do for your toddler is manage their hair for them.Baby bath times are almost always a mix fun and crying - or mostly getting your little one to settle down. Finding the right hair care product can sometimes be difficult as your local supermarket may not carry all the baby shampoo brands that you may want to explore. Online grocery stores on the other hand make many brands and products available at one place for you to browse. You can buy various shampoos, conditioners and hair oil for baby hair styling and care.

6- Clean Tweezers

Babies and Toddlers have tiny noses. It may become tough for you to take out any dirt or boogie from there, as your hands are too big to do that. For such situation, you need something really gentle to perform the work for you. SEA-MALLS.COM has realized the case and hence brings up 'Baby Nasal Tweezers' for you. This product has been specially designed to take care of your baby's nose and take out the boogie without harming any part of it.

7- Cotton Swab

Babies’ hygiene is as important as personal hygiene. It is very important to keep your baby clean and hygienic. One of the most important hygiene regime that you need to take care of is keeping your baby\'s ears clean and dirt-free. Cleaning up babies can be like trying to put an octopus in a packet but staying clean and hygienic is very important for your baby. Cotton buds are gentle and safe for your baby\'s skin. Baby cotton buds come with long sticks and give you ample space to hold the swab carefully. The stick is made from plastic and prevents the cotton bud from slipping off from the hand.

8- Ear Syringes

  Cleaning a baby’s ears is a very delicate job that needs to be done with extreme caution. Although there are numerous ways in which the baby’s ears can be cleaned, the key is finding the best one that works for you and baby. Of course, safety comes first! Baby ear syringes are the most common ways using which a baby’s ears are cleaned. The ear has its own to self clean itself. The earwax that usually builds up, dries out and falls out after moving to the outer ear. However, just because earwax is a natural process, parents should not ignore it. When earwax builds up faster than a baby’s body can get rid of it, issues such as earaches, itching and infections can occur. If left unattended it can even lead to hearing problems in the child. A baby ear syringe is usually a BPA free equipment that is specially designed for your baby's safety. It is safe and effective and is used for immediate relief. This simple yet effective equipment uses gentle suction to draw excess wax from the baby's ear. Gently place the extension of the baby ear syringe at the tip of the ear and gently squeeze the bulb portion of the aspirator and release the pressure on the bulb. Clear any matter from the tip after each suction. The baby ear syringe is also very easy to clean

9- Grooming & Healthcare Kits

  Babies are precious. Love, warmth, sunshine, and joy are some of the words that can be attributed to babies. They can fill a room with happiness and laughter. Their innocent babbling and giggling can magically transform a sour day in the life of an adult to a happy day. After all, a happy baby is a happy you.   However, to keep your baby cheerful and playful, you should make sure that he/she is not facing any trouble. So, besides giving your baby all the care and nourishment, you must also ensure that your baby is groomed. Hygiene is important, even, and especially for babies as they cannot do it by themselves. The market is flooded with baby grooming kits that you can purchase as per the age of your baby. You can also purchase a baby grooming kit from an online store.  
  • Nail care
  • Tooth care
  • Hair care
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