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ART TOOLS TATTOO, BODY & NAILS Tattoo studios need to be fully equipped with the tools and materials to create a reputable name in the tattoo industry. These materials must be maintained at its utmost cleanliness and sterility.   What do tattoo artists need to have?
  • Tattoo Machine
  • Thermal Copier
  • Tattoo Needles
  • Tattoo Inks
  • Tattoo Chair
  • Flash designs
Other paraphernalia include disposable razors to shave the area to be tattooed, disposable gloves, ink cups, and holders. Get it all at Most importantly, the shop or the artist must have an autoclave machine to sterilize all reusable items.   Artistic Designs on the Nails: Nail Art Kits for You An artist’s imagination is no longer limited to the canvas. With nail art designs making headlines in the fashion pages, it can be said that artistry has found a new horizon. Nail Art is the freshest new style of adorning your fingernails of the hands and feet with multiple nail paints, designs, and textures. The final look is unique, different, and very innovative. You can do so much with theirs and flaunt a different design in each. Nail polish has been a tremendously popular invention in the fashion sector and it never had to look back. Women of all ages love nail polishes and accentuate their fingernails by applying their choice of nail paint shade. Want to get them at a discount? Get them all from today. There are nail polishes work for all occasions – office, party, casual, and wedding. Nail art is the latest addition to the concept of enhancing the look of nails. Nail art mainly refers to decorating the fingernails with not just nail colors but also other materials to create a designer look that makes your fingers look beautiful. And to achieve this beautiful look, you’ll need to use nail art kits and these are of different types. They come with different materials and you can use these to create and recreate beautiful nail polish designs. Some of these ingredients are: Colour merging tools Glitters for a shimmery effect
  • Jewels for your nails
  • Floral designing tools
  • Stamping tools
  • Glitter powders
  • Tools to give the marbling effect
  • Stickers
  • Swirl
Prepping the Nails for Nail Art The advent of nail polish has made the women aware of the importance of nail care and maintaining proper hygiene of the finger and toenails. It is important to maintain the nail well to retain the nail art design for a longer period. Keep in mind the following steps before trying out nail art:
  1. Remove nail polish
  2. Soak nails in warm water
  3. Clean your nails with soap and water
  4. Cut and trim your nails to maintain size
  5. File and shape your nails
  6. Buff and polish the nails
  7. Apply hand and nail cream
These simple steps ensure that your nails are neat and clean. Maintain this regime to ensure your nails are clean and healthy. You can also opt for a manicure before getting your nail painted. How to Try Nail Art At Home? Popular brands to choose are Jenna, Savini, By Terry, and many more. The process involved is also simple. You need to apply a base coat first. Once the base coat dries out, create the design you want and let that dry. Apply a final top coat of clear nail polish to safeguard the nail polish design from getting cracked easily. If you want to add glitter, choose brands like Lifestyle You or Garry Garry’s. Nail art kits are easily available online. Go… Grab one today!   KEYWORDS: Buy tattoo art tools online Buy Nail art kit tools online Buy tattoo machine online Buy tattoo tools online