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  In a collection of ladies shoes and other footwear, flats are a must-have. They come in a variety of design, patterns and colours and can be easily matched with the outfit you wear and give you the complete look. Flat sandals are easy to wear and walk around in and look extremely snazzy on your feet.   There is such a wide variety of women's flat shoes available online that you will be definitely spoilt for choice. Shop online for women's flat shoes and get yourself the most stylish pair of footwear from Mochi , Bata , Catwalk , Metro and many such great brands.  


  Ballerina shoes have been in vogue for quite a while now and does not seem to go off anytime soon. The simple reason is that these ballerina shoes go with any type of girls' outfit and make your entire appearance very pretty. These ladies shoes were originally used by ballet dancers to aid them in dancing easily using the special design of these belly shoes.   Eventually, they began being used as casual shoes by all girls and ladies everywhere in the world. You can easily pair them with jeans, pants, skirts or a dress and can look equally chic in them all. Women's bellies from Bata , Catwalk , Mochi and many such brands can be bought online at low prices from a variety of colours, designs and patterns.   Flip flops and slippers are the easiest footwear you will ever find. Their comfortable style serves the best of purposes. Be it a casual walk or a beach wear, a pair of slippers and flip flops can always come to your rescue. provides you a range of these to suit your everyday style. You can choose a smart pair of flip flop to wear to the beach with a floral dress and team it up with a classy sunglasses to get that uber-cool look. Slippers are usually made of leather and are ideally used for a casual outing. On the other hand, flip flops pave way for a beach wear and come in different designs and styles. If you thought you could only wear a pair of ladies' sports shoes when you are headed to the track or to the court, then you are wrong. Buy sports bellies for girls from Puma, Fuel, Combit or Mega and get ready to hit the track with the same energy and enthusiasm.   If walking in heels or sneakers that keep your feet covered is something you are not comfortable with, if bending down to fasten the velcro straps or buckles of your sandals is a hassle for you, what you need to do is browse through the range of women’s slippers online from brands like Puma , Adidas , Reebok and Nike shoes . You can now comfortably head out of the house each time you need to buy something from the grocery store, pick your daughter from nursery school or attend an hour of special class. No matter whether you are a student, housewife or professional that balances life in and outside the house, managing without a pair of comfortable slippers is next to impossible, even for a single day. So, if you don’t already have an extra pair of women’s slippers stashed at home, browse through the range of women’s slippers online today and order a few pairs that are colourful, cute and comfy.  


  Boots are a type of shoes that are designed to cover the foot and ankle mainly, and some also cover part of the lower calf also. Hence, we have ankle boots, mid-calf-length boots, thigh-high boots and many such variants online. We have a plethora of designs and colours under boots for women online and they are such kind of footwear whose style and suave cannot be matched by any other kind. Especially when purchased from some of the best brands like Woodland boots, Carlton London boots, Lee Cooper boots, Sal N Pepper boots and so on, the class just increases Multifold. Let’s take a look at the most popular styles of ladies shoe boots so you know what your choices are:  
  • Ankle Boots
  • Open-back Boots
  • Calf-length Boots
  • Chelsea Boots
  • Stiletto Boots
  • Moto Boots
  • Open-toed Boots